What Are Some Of The Most Popular Types Of Paintball Courses?


If you are reading this article, there is a high chance you have just recently decided to experience paintball in all its glory. At this point, you are probably wondering about all kinds of paintball courses, places, as well as Paintball Deals. Just where exactly do people play this exciting game? Well, there is a wide variety of paintball settings and courses that offer different challenges and experiences to the players, some of which we will mention here.

Woodland courses

Paintball CourseFrom the inception of paintball, woodland settings have been considered the most common ones, given how they offer plenty of natural hiding and cover spots. As a result, many paintball players have started referring to paintball as “Woodsball.” In a woodland course, you will get the real feel of a war game and have the chance to wear authentic army woodland camo. Here, you will mainly test your stealth skills as well as learn and master how to use natural cover. Learning these skills will allow you to completely dominate any woodland course.

Concept courses

These are also created outdoors, and use artificial objects which can be used as cover and refuge by the players. In most cases, concept courses have a theme, which is typically an urban neighborhood with lots of buildings, cars and so on. In general, these courses have plenty of man-made and natural objects to enhance the experience and gameplay. If you want something a bit more unusual, you can look for medieval-themed courses, which features wagons, towers, castles, etc.

Airball courses

Speedball (Airball) represents a new type of paintball. The majority of players will say that airball courses are undoubtedly the most challenging and demanding ones. They feature equally sized and spaced barriers, which substantially limit the players’ field of view and vision cone. Given how airball shootouts are very brief and unexpected, airball games are considered the shortest and most exciting ones, and they usually last for no more than a few minutes.

Scenario-based courses

Paintball playerJust like airball courses, scenario courses are also becoming more and more popular. These courses attempt to re-create various historical events and battles for the players to take part in. As such, these games typically try to re-enact famous WW2 battles, such as the Battle of Stalingrad, D-Day Landings, and so on. The goal of these courses is to completely immerse the players and let them experience the feeling of being a participant in a huge battle. Here, you will be tasked with seizing enemy checkpoints and territory, as well as completing a variety of specific objectives. As opposed to other types of paintball courses, which involve no more than a dozen players, scenario-based courses typically involve hundreds of players and can last for entire weekends or even longer, depending on the recreated scenario.

Paintball arenas and indoor courses

If you are looking for a more hectic paintball experience, you should look for indoor paintball courses. These are mostly different from the outdoor ones, consist entirely of man-made objects, and are very loud, due to the enclosed spaces. If you opt for an indoor paintball course, consider protecting your hearing with ear plugs. Indoor courses also feature a variety of themes and can be more easily customized than the outdoor ones.